Saturday, January 23, 2010

Send In The Clowns....or Better Yet, Send Them Home

Ready for the next Tyler Perry Premier

OK. I just have to say this: I hate clown suits. No, I don't mean the spinning bow ties, tiny hats  and big orange shoes that you see in the Big Top. I mean the frightening proliferation of four, five, six or more button suites and jackets I see men wearing on various media outlets. I was watching Deion Sanders a few days ago as he was engaged in a discussion of all things NFL. I couldn't help but notice that his single breasted, colorful jacket had six buttons, leaving a bright yellow tie knot peaking out from the tiny lapels. The look was finished with a pair of billowous trousers and ,of course, Stacy Adams.

Who do I blame for this ridiculous outbreak of  70's Blacksploitation pimp chic? Steve Harvey. The former afro laden media personality and clothes hawk has a successful line of suits.  And for the Hennessy and Remy Martin crowd, well, he's  the sartorial role model. A man can be in the VIP section of the club resting comfortably in his lounge chair with his cream colored suit with six caramel colored buttons and matching lapels.  All this, of couse, topped off, with some butter scotch Giorgio Brutinis. You just know Michael Irving would be wearing that to the next taping of " Life with Deion" or whatever the hell that show was called. Buttom line: If a man's suit jacket has more than three buttons, his place of employment better say Ringling Bros. Clown Entrance To The Right

Now That's Style!


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great post


I get excited on the sight of a well cut suit!
It must be a european tailor that Kobe is rocking.
I love your blog.
Great insight.